21Jan_01Sumbandila Residential Scholarship (2008-2012)
BCom Economics & Finance – UCT (2013-2015)
Bcom Honours in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management – UCT (2016-2017)

Rosy was a tiny, malnourished 13-year-old girl in a boys’ uniform when she applied for the Sumbandila scholarship in 2007.

The selection committee  will never forget the sparkle and determination in her eyes during her interview and later when she received the news of her success. She had always known with absolute certainty that she would be victorious.

Tragically she and her HIV-positive sister had been abandoned with distant relatives at a very young age after the death of their mother. Rosy was finally taken into the full care of Sumbandila and her sister into a local NGO specialising in HIV children. Her sister lost her battle against HIV in 2015.

Despite all these hardships Rosy’s ambitious, determined and political-minded character has made her enormously successful at school and she has now graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BCom degree in Economics and Finance, courtesy of Studietrust, Investec and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

She begins her Honours year at UCT in 2016 doing a BCom Honours in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management, also with a bursary from Studietrust and Investec.


Watch Rosy’s remarkable journey of transformation with Sumbandila here: