Takalani MuediSumbandila Outlier Scholarship (2008-2012)
Accounting РUNISA  (2015-)

Takalani was born in Madombidzha, a dusty rural village on the outskirts of Makhado. Her mother died when she was one year old so she and her elder brother were taken into the care of their grandmother who died when Taki was 11 years old. Before her grandmother died she suffered serious injuries at her workplace and could no longer take care of Taki and her brother.

Heartbreakingly Taki overheard a conversation amongst the family members arguing about who would now take responsibility for the two orphans. Her youngest aunt gallantly agreed to leave school in order to care for the children, without knowing how she would cope financially. This wonderful woman then supported them by selling maize crops at a local taxi rank.

In 2009 Takalani was awarded the Sumbandila Scholarship as she showed extraordinary determination and leadership qualities. Today she is studying a bachelor of accounting through UNISA whilst working at a local auditing firm to earn her fees and a small wage, but most importantly valuable work experience. She plans to be a chartered accountant.