We currently have 98 students enrolled at tertiary institutions across South Africa.

Our University Programme provides access to tertiary bursaries and funding for our Residential and Outlier students combined with a strong mentorship programme during the tertiary years.

Scholars since 2012

Critical partnerships for bursaries include Studietrust (by far the majority of our bursaries), REAP, Sasol Inzalo, Moshal, Exxaro, Investec, Eskom and Vodacom.


The needs of tertiary students:

  • None of our students have parents who have had a tertiary education.
  • None of our students have the financial means to attend a tertiary institution.

Our tertiary programme offers the following services to our students:

Tertiary Services 3

  • The transition to university is difficult both emotionally and academically. Ongoing mentorship is given by Sumbandila staff and our critical partnership with Studietrust and other bursary organizations.
  • University students themselves support and mentor one another academically and socially.
  • Many of the Sumbandila students live in communal situations for mutual support, based on established bonds. Our experience has taught us that they perform better in these situations.
  • University students are encouraged and assisted to find holiday employment wherever possible. They are also encouraged to return to assist during holiday schools for the Outlier Programme.
  • We currently have students enrolled in the following degrees and programmes:

Accounting Science
Actuarial Science
B Cur Nursing services
B Tech Food technology
B.Com Logistics
B.Eng civil engineering
B.Eng Metallurgical Engineering
BA language practise
Bachelor in Education
Bachelor of Social Work
Bcom Financial Sciences
BSc Accounting
BSc Biological science
BSc Biology & Agriculture
BSc Biotechnology
BSc Chemical Engineering
BSc Computer Science
BSc General/Geology
BSc Geology
BSc Theoretical physics
BSc Life Sciences
BSc Mathematical science
BSc Mathematics

BSc Physics & Chemistry
Chemical engineering
Construction studies
Ecological Management
Environmental sciences
Hospitality Management
Industrial Engineering
Information Systems
Marketing and Management
Marketing Management
Mbchb (Medicine)
Mechanical Engineering
MLM : Networking
N Dip Water Care
Nat.Cert Accounting
ND Agriculture: Crop Production
Political Sciences
Veterinary Science

Divisions of tertiary studies pursued by Sumbandila students (2015)

In 2016 our first Sumbandila students will graduate from tertiary institutions across the country and enter the workplace, where they will begin their careers and start giving back to Sumbandila, the organization that launched them.