Sumbandila is currently focused in the Vhembe district in Limpopo, one of  the poorest provinces of South Africa.

Through our educational scholarship and mentorship programme Sumbandila aims to create entrepreneurs and leaders who will one day make significant contributions to their own communities and to Africa.


Sumbandila students in all programs
Scholars in the Full Residential Programme : Full tuition, living costs & mentorship at international Cambridge school offering IGCSE & AS-Level exams.

We aim to grow Sumbandila

Target: 360 at any one time within the education system, excluding alumni
Target: 50 in the Full Residential Programme
Scholars in the Outlier Programme : Weekend & holiday tuition and mentorship (state Matric exams).
Target: 150 in the Outlier Programme
Scholars in the Tertiary Programme : Intensive career counselling and financial and practical support in obtaining funding and entry into tertiary education.
Target: 160 in the Tertiary Programme

In 2016 our first young adults will graduate from tertiary education programs across the country. The next phase of our project will be connection to opportunity and entrepreneurial and social mentorship in the workplace for our graduates.

The ultimate and critical aim of Sumbandila is that our alumni will not only make significant contributions to their communities and our economy but that they will give back to Sumbandila in the form of bursaries and mentorship.

Now in our ninth year, we have learned from our children, our teachers, the local community and partner organisations and can claim to have offered a particular, uniquely personalised approach to the educational, social, ethical and personal development of our scholars.