All our alumni are imbued with a sense of social responsibility and leadership and with the belief and ability to make a positive difference to the future of our country.

Our mission is to develop young leaders and entrepreneurs who are grounded in their communities, proud of their culture and loyal to the ideals of Sumbandila so that they will one day give back to their country, communities and other children like themselves, and “show the way”.


Students are financed to return home on the weekends to ensure that they remain in their churches, youth groups, and maintain their friendship and family relationships.


Sumbandila stresses the importance of scholars respecting and maintaining their own cultural values, traditions and most importantly their language.


From the start of their time in the Sumbandila family we talk to our students about their responsibility to their communities, about the importance of giving back, the idea of service in leadership  and the philosophy of Ubuntu.


Our students mentor and support one another both academically and socially, they volunteer on holiday and Saturday school, they take part in various outreach programs and finally in grade 12 they sign a contract obligating them to make a reasonable monetary contribution towards supporting another Sumbandila scholar once they have entered the workplace.

Africa needs committed ethical leaders, social entrepreneurs and young professionals who understand what it is to come from poverty, understand the principle of service in leadership and who will show the way to future generations.

Critical to the success of this programme is the ongoing support surrounding the transition from village life to an essentially middle-class school situated in the town. This support is not only given by the staff but by the older Sumbandila students and the alumni.

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