Our Residential programme offers full academic scholarships to attend and board at Ridgeway College, a relatively low fee secondary Cambridge international school in Makhado, a town in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

We have shown that village children from deep rural primary schools can write world-class IGCSE exams within three years of our intervention and compete with students from international schools worldwide.

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Scholars since 2008

These bursaries are full in the widest sense of the term. They cover:

Students live in a dedicated hostel on land adjacent to Ridgeway College. However, students are encouraged and financed to return home every weekend so that they remain rooted in their communities, which is central to our mission.

Our children are independent and creative thinkers. Confident, accountable and adaptable, they recognise the importance of giving back, and “showing the way”.

After graduating from Ridgeway College, our students enter the Tertiary Programme.

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