We have learnt that there is no “one- size- fits- all” approach to dealing with the unique set of challenges faced by each individual.

The support our students receive needs to be culturally sensitive and personalised for each individual.

A haven for growth

Sumbandila needs to grow into a haven for these children in terms of support, pastoral care and mentorship where they can develop confidence and character alongside academic prowess.

Parent Involvement

Sumbandila keeps in touch with parents and guardians to involve them in their children’s lives and all major decisions.

Peer support

We have learnt that the best mentors for the new students are the elder Sumbandila scholars themselves. They have traveled the same road,  navigating the difficulties of this entirely foreign environment, and they are best equipped to lead their younger “Sumbandila siblings”  and  “show the way.”

We believe that the 8 year relationship that Sumbandila has with their students is only the start of a process of positive change that we trust will live with them throughout their lives, spreading outside of Sumbandila and influencing all the people and communities with whom they will interact.