Sumbandila Full Scholarship (2009-2013)
BSc in Construction Studies, Wits University (2015-)

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Shadrack Khorombi 2Khorombi, 1st year Construction Studies student at the University of the Witwatersrand, was, courtesy of Studietrust South Africa, awarded a bursary by Iguana Projects PTY.LTD. Studietrust is one of Sumbandila’s major partners, providing access to and administering many bursaries and loans from corporate sponsors like Sasol Inzalo and Investec for our tertiary students.

Shadrack’s Iguana Projects bursary will pay for his rent and allowance starting this coming semester and most importantly they will accommodate Shadrack for vacation work and start initiating him into their company as a possible employee.

Dr. Murray Hofmeyr, National Director of Studietrust:
“When we were approached by Iguana Projects Shadrack was the obvious candidate not only because of his charm and the comfortable way he interacts with people but also because of his academic progress. We are awaiting Iguana’s report on his first stint of vacation work at the company, but I have no doubt that he dazzled them”.
Shadrack found his first two years on the Sumbandila scholarship at Ridgeway extremely difficult because he understood very little English. “The only English phrase I knew was ‘me too’” said Shadrack .

That did not deter him. He always had a positive and confident attitude and from the start displayed both leadership and initiative.
“He was always the one to negotiate with teachers for that one extra mark and once he almost drowned on a school field trip because despite not being able to swim he flung himself into the deep end of the swimming pool with great enthusiasm” says Thiofhi Lambani, one of his classmates.

At Ridgeway College he headed up the Eco committee for two years and was a hostel prefect and council member in his senior year. He also worked as a support teacher at the Ridgeway primary school in his gap year.

Leigh Bristow, his principal at Ridgeway College and executive director of Sumbandila:
“Shadrack will always be the boy who pushed his way into the hearts of the interviewing panel against all odds. He personifies what Sumbandila means by “grit” -when he wants something or truly believes in something he will not accept no for an answer”.

‘He is a true son of Sumbandila and I know that he will continue to give back in abundance “.
“Sumbandila gave me the edge to make me a resolute, proactive and zestful individual”, says Shadrack. “My dream is to become a construction manager and then start my own construction company”.