The Maths Book

Over the past 60 years I have helped many children and young people between the ages of 4 and 20 with their mathematics. My aim always is to ensure children enjoy it, are challenged by it, never get bored, understand what they are doing, and grow to think mathematically.
When I reached the age of 81, my younger daughter presented me with a new grandson, Rufus. She asked me to write down some of the things I did with her when she was little, and with all the other children I have worked with since, so that she can do the same with Rufus.
So, to Tara, Rufus and all other parents and children who use this book: have fun and enjoy!

Download The Maths Book

Although there is no charge for the download of this book, however, please donate so that children in rural areas who do not have access to education during this difficult time can be supported online.