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Since 2008 Sumbandila has impacted the lives of over 300 children and their families. A total of  129 are studying at universities throughout South Africa, 53 have successfully graduated from university and are in the workplace and 137 are part of our high school program.

Sumbandila Additional Statistics

  • 100% of Sumbandila students graduate high school.

  • All Sumbandila high school graduates take mathematics and are computer literate.

  • Sumbandila high school graduates leave with a proficiency in English adequate, or more than adequate (depending on which program), to cope with first-language English tuition at university.

  • 98% of Sumbandila students graduate from university.

  • 100% of Sumbandila students are employed within 6 months of graduation.

24% of university students study in the Science faculty, 15% study Engineering and 16% are studying Health Sciences. (critical skills in South Africa).

Pictured to the right is the distribution of Sumbandila Students at Tertiary Faculties

Sumbandila Statistics_edited.png

Rosy Mudzanani

Rosy Mudzanani was selected onto the full Sumbandila scholarship in 2008, as a part of the original “Sumbandila 9”, the first intake. Rosy has since graduated from the  University of Cape Town with a masters degree in finance specializing in Risk Management.

Watch her inspiring story!


Phuluso Mawela

Phuluso Mawela is currently in our tertiary program studying genetics at the University of Pretoria. Phuluso’s real passion is writing, which he does every spare moment that he has.


Watch his touching story!

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