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The University Program guides both the Residential and Exceptionals students through the university application process, helps them secure bursaries, scholarships and funding and then alongside critical bursary partners, offers varying degrees of wrap around support throughout their tertiary years.

  • Sumbandila tries to ensure that students enter tertiary programs and degree courses that are appropriate to their interests and skill sets.

  • None of our students have parents who have experienced tertiary education, nor can they afford to support them at tertiary. Fortunately all our students qualify for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and many of our students are awarded bursaries from our partner organisations like;

  • StudyTrust.

  • Moshal Scholarship Programme.

  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

  • Thuthuka Bursary Fund.

  • Jakes Gerwell Fellowship.

  • Alongside our partner organisations, Sumbandila offers wrap around support during the tertiary years, and assists both financially and logistically with accommodation and small loans until bursary funding is paid out. Sumbandila also offers critical financial support if students lose their bursaries.

  • Sumbandila has two university houses in Pretoria that house a total of 24 Sumbandila students. This has proved invaluable in terms of fostering a sense of community and students supporting one another, both academically and emotionally during the difficult transition to university.

  • Mutual academic, and emotional, support is encouraged for all students, not only those in our Residences.

  • All students are supported logistically and financially where necessary, to find accommodation at university and are assisted with travel expenses and start-up basics like bedding, cooking utensils, stationery, first groceries et cetera.

  • University students are encouraged to volunteer at Sumbandila during our holiday school program and give much needed advice to those about to enter tertiary.

  • Once students graduate, Sumbandila assists some of them to enter the workplace. Assistance is in the form of refining CV’s (resumes), networking, interview skills, corporate wardrobes, driving licences etc.

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